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March, April, May...


March forth into April,

April showers bring May flowers,

May the force be with you...all of that!

Welcome Back!!

In case this is your first read, Welcome! The year is vastly approaching the mid-way point, how are you feeling about it? What goals have you achieved? How is your health? How is your wealth? Are those questions overwhelming? Do you feel a lot of pressure, well release it all! May you find peace as you take life by the moment!

As I think on those questions and more, I am reminded there are only twenty-four hours per day. Also, to have more peace a friend shared: if I can't take it one day at a time try taking it one moment at a time. That is exactly my current stance. Almost every adult I know between the ages of 29-39 seems to be making some type of life decision, change or on a quest of sorts.

Let's talk about life! 'Life is full of swift transitions' for sure and it can catch us unaware at times. It is not what life throws at us but how we respond to it that matters most. Let me pause, I am by no means declaring my life is perfect and that I handle everything life throws at me like a champ. There may be days when you feel tears as you grieve a love one that seemingly left us too soon. Other days you may feel a sense of relief as you are able to overcome an obstacle that has been in your way for years. Then, there are days when your face may hurt from smiling so hard because you feel unexplainable joy! Understand when it rains, some times it pours but eventually whether it was a flood or storm, the sun does come out again!

Be encouraged in every circumstance, regardless if you are in the midst of pursing a degree, starting a business, growing in your faith, enhancing your health, or anything else. Give it time! RELEASE ALL THE NEGATIVE thoughts that plague you, because they serve as a distraction. You will find greater peace, once your release what you thought was supposed to happen and when it was supposed to happen. Do you part, and watch life unfold! There will be a peace in your RELEASE!

My wish for all who took out the time to read down to this part that you would pick a person a week. Call, text, email, visit, dine, laugh, support their business, share their post, or hit up their cash app just because! You will be surprised how you will be blessed in return. Your kindness may be the very thing that encourages someone!

Of course, I am not suggesting you do all those things for everyone you know but I find out each week that people are dealing with a lot. Its like just when you think life is hitting you bad, you talk to someone else and you just become GRATEFUL AS...

May peace be with you today and always. If you find yourself connected to someone or organization that you never feel a sense of peace with or in, you may want to reconsider your connection. You deserve to live a life full! I read once, anything that cost you too much of your peace is too expensive!

May your life be richly blessed for taking out the time to read this blog. Please share our site, and WELCOME TO THE FAMILY OF WATCHING DREAMS UNFOLD! Please Subscribe today!


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