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Welcome to Class

Have you ever wondered what teachers experience during the first day of school? Sure, you know everyone is excited and/or stressed but do you really know? Get ready to enter into the day and life of a teacher who is experiencing a day unlike any other! This book is sure to take you on a rollercoaster ride of teacher's world!

Welcome to Class

The Prologue

Alarms were going off all over the house, but she couldn’t move! It was as if she was glued to her bed. She had been up several times since three o’clock that morning, having nightmares that she would be late for her big day. Her nerves were all over the place, but she knew this time she had to get up and stay up! She could not afford to hit the snooze button anymore.  This should be really easy by now.

             For the past six years around this time every year, Alyssa Right gets ready for this big day. Today was different because she felt: sleepy, nervous, jittery, tired, anxious, happy, sad, and so many other things but she knew she had to do it! She barely had time to pack a lunch, because she was running late for work. There was no turning around now, summer break was over! Alyssa was so ready, but also so not ready for this big day!

Day one…

Tis’ the season for: Welcome Boards, clock-ins, making seating charts,  taking attendance, bathroom breaks, textbook inventory, labels on desk, meeting new friends, routines, early morning wake ups, morning announcements, tears, fears, assembly programs, field trips, parent/teacher conferences, behavior charts, outside walks, lunch with friends, meetings, making memories, homework agendas, using technology daily, engaging lesson plans  and most of all  a lot of learning! You guessed it, today is the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! The only issue is Ms. Right was not completely ready for the day.

            The door closed and there was a silence in the room. The kind of silence you hear at the movies, after the advertisement says, “Silence is Golden.”  Ms. Right stood in the middle of the floor, not saying a word as she stared into space. “Why am I so nervous?” “What are we to do first?” “I hope my students like me this year.” These were all thoughts running through Ms. Right’s head. Her students watched as she stood there not saying a word.

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