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2019-before the hiatus!

We have moved on into 2019! It has not sunk in that we are almost to the half-way point of the year. Just like the beginning of the year brings on anxiety, so does the mid-way point. Thinking of March, April, and May...Shereen took a break!

Yes! This post will be very different that many other post, you've read from me. No, it will not be controversial and I do not expect a debate. As expressed in my very first blog post, these ideas as they are presented belong to me. We all are influenced, for we do not live in a bubble so we are always in the midst of hearing and learning, this shapes our perspective. Well, the hope is you are being shaped in a positive way by the things and people around you. Our focus for May as move forward is the "RESET."

"Your peace is in your release, the conversation continues!"

All too often we work, live or know people who we know are experiencing so very difficult times. There could be a myriad of reasons that weigh a person down or makes them feel heaviness. Shame on people, for telling folks to just get over it! Shame for family members for claiming, "They always been different." Shame on society for not making some things more of a priority. In essence, there are several factors that play a role in our lives.

-----------Released Nov. 24, 2022


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