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Find the Light and Keep Going...

Well, guess we are here! Yes, it is September! Let me warn you, this will not be one of those funny or probably very entertaining post. This is going to be real and in some ways it even prove to be uncomfortable. Let us just dive in, but before we do...l et me be very clear, I am NOT a licensed clinical professional. I am simply just sharing my views and offering a safe space for those who may feel inspired by my thoughts. I would like to advise anyone dealing with any matter expressed or unaddressed to seek professional advice and help. I will list a few resources below. Some people may never know what it is like to question if your existence matters, where as others may feel life is just unbearable at times. What ever the case, let's be clear there is life beyond the hurt and pain. Let's LIVE!

Though I can't actually speak to the idea of wanting to take my life, I can be honest and say I have had moments where the heaviness of life felt unbearable. I have felt alone. I have felt like no one really cared or had my best interest at heart. Yes, it is true! Sure, my faith in God is real and strong. Clearly, I have a relationship with God. Yes, I pray! Yes, I know God will never leave or forsake me. Hear me clear, I am fine. But if I am honest life for me has been 'no crystal stair.' I like to refer to it as the dark side. Yes, the dark side. Can you identify?

Ever felt like you wanted to eat everything in sight, then you felt like maybe you did not want eat at all? Have you ever avoided friends and family for a particular length of time? Have you attempted to stay in bed for more than eight hours, just because you could not wrap your mind around getting your day started and facing the world? Have you ever felt sad for an extended period of time but nothing was really wrong, sat cried, or even just hurled insults at others because you could not effectively put your feelings into words? Have you ever been worried beyond control? Have you ever called out of work because you just did not feel like dealing with people? Have you ever chosen to be in the dark, over allowing the sunlight to shine in? No, I have not experienced all the previous mentioned but I have witnessed and spoken to others who have described their dark side as such.

If you answered yes to any or all of those, you have experienced the dark side. I do not like to use the word "depression" because that is a state of being and very taboo in many communities but if it is your truth again, seek HELP! Depression is real, and there is real help! Do not be ashamed if you continuously feel any thing unlike yourself for an extended period of time. HELP IS AVAILABLE!

One thing that I tell people that has helped me and continues to help me is go toward the light. Think about the darkness like this: mold normally grows in areas that are moist and receive little to no sunlight. I believe that is how we began to develop something like an internal infection when we block out light. We stay in the dark place often because it is familiar and less cumbersome. The fact living creatures all need LIGHT! This is one of the main factors I teach in science lessons. " Light" can look and feel different for many people. My only suggestion is that you be mindful of health risk and try to find healthy ways to feel and remain in the "light."

Think on those things that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Those people that add sunshine to your day, those moments that you can create independently that make you feel a sense of pride, and stay in that light. Keep in mind people may not always be around or available to you will have to find something that makes you feel differently, rather lighter. Could it be: journaling, going for a walk after work, playing an instrument, sending out nice messages to love ones, praying, working on your dreams, yoga, getting a massage, dressing, learning a new language, meal prepping , taking a quick drive, or a daily workout? It is important to find that one thing and stick to it! Yes, at first it may be hard but keep doing it to keep yourself focused on something other than your problems or darkness.

Finally, if you have not been able to identify with any of those dark moments I can also bet someone close to you has experienced it. It is important to check on the friend that used to call all the time but now you rarely even get a text from them. Sacrifice the ride home, and drop by a loved one's house that has not answered your phone call in the last few days. Send a letter or card in the mail to an old friend. Truth is, you never know what people are going through because society has a way of making us believe we have to always be strong. Hopefully, this blog helps someone and if nothing else it prompts someone to reach out to someone they love. This matter is not up for debate, and links below can provide further information and support for those who need it! Be inspired today and always! You are a gift, the world needs you!


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