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February~ Gone too soon!

We made it to month 2! It has been a lot that has transpired in our world since January 1, more specifically in our individual lives but if you're reading this, CONGRATS! YOU MADE IT! February is always that month that we identify as a the month of Black History, Heart Health, Valentine's Day and ultimately it is the shortest month of the year.

Black History Month:

How did you celebrate? Many school systems and organizations join the world as this month is recognized as such. Understandably, many people who identify with their "Blackness"-as it relates to the culture, celebrate 365.

How does one do this? Well, we would like to suggest perhaps always remembering that our walk today is possible because of the walk of our ancestors or those who came before us. Supporting "Black-Owned" establishments is another way to keep the coins flowing in our community. Always, being conscious to know though we have arrived in sense, we still have a journey before us. It is also important to be reminded of those living legends in our culture that are still making a difference. John Lewis, Christine King Farris, Joseph Lowery, Jesse Jackson, and Maxine Waters to name a few notable legends among us. I'm sure there are a myriad of other ways you or others might choose to honor our culture/your culture. (We recognize that everyone reading this may not be African-American or associate with "Black" culture but those are just a few the team wanted to suggest.

Heart Month: *PSA* We are not licensed professionals.

The National Heart Association has deemed this month to bring awareness to heart health. The focus during this month is focusing on awareness of diseases and prevention. See link if you would like to learn more!

Heart month for many also meant an opportunity to celebrate those you love. Valentine's Day was February 14, 2019. It comes every year, but believe it or not some don't care for much celebration because of all the commercialized attention it has now drawn. Did you give a gift or receive anything for this special day? Regardless, it is celebrated across the globe and it is a pretty big deal for most.

We recently engaged in some conversations with singles and couples. One thing that we found is that most people are not hard pressed about expensive gifts as they are for being acknowledged in a profound way. For example: Whether married or involved in a serious relationship, showing love should occur any chance you get the opportunity. It is also pretty cool to go out of your way on this day to make things official with the one you are serious about. Don't just overlook it because you feel one way or the other. If the love (friendship/romantic) is real, the holiday is like the cherry on top! We have something new to add to the month.

"Galentine's Day," have you heard of such a thing? The team found this to be very interesting but also a nice way for those married or single to share love and appreciation their "Gals/Sistas." Most women do this anyway, but guess its pretty cool to have a special day set-aside for it too. Next year, we will plan one! Get READY!

Regardless, of how one should choose to celebrate it is always nice to love and be loved. It was one of the greatest commandments and most spiritual practices teach love vs hate. You never know when someone who you love will no longer be able to feel and appreciate your love, so LOVE 365! Just in case no one told you today, YOU ARE LOVED IN A VERY SPECIAL WAY!

Final regards, we appreciate you taking out time to read. If you have enjoyed this blog, please share it with others. Also, stay connected as we seek to bring you inspiration, information, and entertainment. Be sure you SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

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