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A native of East Point, Georgia, Shereen  has always dreamed of making a difference in the world. As a young child, she was active in her school ,  church and community. Ms. Kanoy has always been actively involved  and dedicated  in all she does or supports. Ms. Kanoy  possesses many gifts and talents.  

She discovered a love for creative writing as a teenager, during those years she would journal as well as create poetic pieces. Shereen began to develop leadership skills through her involvement in various organizations, this helped to mold her into the leader she is today. Shereen  is confident that  she can positively influence those in her life. She is extremely passionate about depositing hope in the lives youth and young adults. 

Ms. Kanoy is a graduate of Johnson C. Smith University, there she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. While at Johnson C. Smith University she was afforded many opportunities to lead on campus.  Upon graduation from Johnson C. Smith she sought to pursue her dream as an educator.  Determined to be the first of her siblings to earn masters degree she sought to pursue that dream as well. Shereen received her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Strayer University. She has served as a local educator for over ten years in the Metro Atlanta area. As an elementary school teacher, she served as:  department chair, member of school improvement team,  co-chair of hospitality committee and member of the school leadership team.

The written works of Shereen will soon be available for purchase. You will take great joy in hearing her creative voice through her works. Shereen is a woman on the move with degrees and dreams.  Ms. Kanoy is the founder and owner of Watching Dreams Unfold.  

She is known as a  lover of God, family, and  friends.  In her leisure time, Shereen enjoys spending time with love ones, traveling, singing, dancing,  bowling, journaling  and can often be found planning events.  She also enjoys worshiping the Lord. 


Ms. Kanoy has dreams of continuing her passions as an educator, author, and mentor. She provides educational consulting for urban-early primary grades. Her goal is to establish a mentor group as well publish her works. She has reached a place in her life  where she is very excited about all the dreams that are unfolding in her life and in the life of those around her. Here is your open invitation to "Watch Dreams Unfold," with her.

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