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The Phases of Your Dream Unfolding

 Ms. Shereen Kanoy is the founder of Watching Dreams Unfold. One thing she has discovered on her journey is the delicate and consuming process associated with the manifestation of a dream. As a dreamer, she has reflected on how the process of achieving a dream can affect the “dreamer.” She believes the dream is best achieved when it is nurtured and fully developed.

Shereen believes the life cycle of a butterfly metaphorically speaks to the development of a dream. Before, an adult butterfly reaches full maturation the development begins in conception. Following conception, a small egg appears as evidence that a process has begun. Next, a caterpillar hatches from the egg. Then, the caterpillar transitions into the pupa(cocoon), this phase is probably the most transformative. Finally, the butterfly breaks the covering of the pupa and is recognized as an adult butterfly.


 All phases of a butterfly’s life serve a different, yet vital role in the development of the butterfly. One should take note: this insect is only recognized as a butterfly after it has successfully gone through each phase, so shall it be for one’s dream! Go through each phase to achieve the full potential of your dream!

Your Dream through the lens of Butterfly

Conception: This phase could begin with you waking up consistently in the middle of the night with a burning idea, or someone speaking a vision over your life. Your dream is NOT developed as of now, it is a mere thought. This is a necessary phase, because it is at this point you must decide whether or not this dream will be made into a reality.

 After, the dream/vision has been placed in your thoughts, begin to see the dream/vision in its completed state. It is necessary that one prepare their mind for the journey ahead. Though there may be little to no evidence of what you envision keep working your dream until it manifest. Don’t quit!

The Egg: The dream is now a small picture in your mind. Now is a good time to begin research and write down what you envision, if you haven’t already. This is the point when you are likely to begin sharing your dream with a few significant people. Frankly, at this point, this is probably the best practice because everyone will not understand or care to understand your dream.

Understand, no one is obligated to believe in your dream or to support it. Honestly, you may encounter some people during this phase that will try to discourage you from working toward your dream(s). They may try to discourage your dream in efforts to use it for their benefit, but everyone is not out to steal your dream(s). Stay focused! Stay positive!

The Caterpillar: This is the phase where you have decided to put in a lot more time, test out a few options, do intense research and really get going on your dream. You are now able to imagine a clearer view for your future, but your progress seems extremely slow. During this phase there may be times when you feel as if your dream could literally be stepped on, and your dream could become deferred. Remember a caterpillar moves slow but steady.

 You may begin to notice a strain upon your time, family, money, career and relationships during this phase. This is to be expected, but don’t lose sight of your dreams and your support system. Stay vigilant and progressive!

This next phase is where many people want to stop and give up…

The Pupa: This phase is considered the phase of incubation. It is also during this phase the caterpillar steps in to a transformative space that it has never experienced before. See, it has been used to crawling , but after this phase it will be able to fly.

This is the point when all things are in place and almost ready to be released, but there is still intense development needed. This phase should not be rushed, and it may require more time than any other phase because it precedes the final phase.

 Take this time to WAIT and WORK (develop)! But this is not your sit pout, give up on your dream(s), and do nothing type of waiting. No! You realize your dream is about to burst at the seams and during this time you will have to vibrate differently. Here are a few things you may want to do during this phase:


The Full-Grown Butterfly: This is the phase that you have envisioned from the beginning of conception. It is in this phase when you can truly affirm hard work pays off. Let your dream BREAK OUT of the SHELL! Congratulations! Your dream is ready to take flight!

As your dream takes flight, do not forsake the journey. If you see a few caterpillar dreamers along the way strive to nurture them into the next phase, so their dream can transform.  Keep dreaming and never forget the process was worth it! Let your dreams be forever UNFOLDED!

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