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Thankfully Over!

Thanksgiving 2018, DONE! Well, for many people it was a week-long of preparation of food for family and/or friends. For some it involved traveling by airplane or car, and for others it became a good excuse to stay put! Regardless, of what you had to do, it is now over and time to move on to the next! Warning...this post is not your typical Thanksgiving post!

The brisk air, the smells of fresh food, the sounds of children playing, chills of love, the loud cheers of men watching football, the elders preparing the table, the constant ringing of a doorbell, the new faces, the many tables and chairs, the warmth of a lit fire, the somber mood, the laughter of old memories, the joy of new babies, the unspoken thoughts, the latest "tea" and so much more has cultivated what many call Thanksgiving. It is a time of reflection, for it has been deemed the a "Day of Thanks," so giving thanks for everything is a tradition. But we should always be thankful, topic for another post! One thing that many, whether in a relationship or just as a family, have to decide is where or how will they celebrate the holidays in the year. And for many the decision is made closest to the actual holiday, which can be very trying for all parties involved.

Where are we celebrating Thanksgiving this year? This seems to be a "Hot Topic" for many. Whether married, engaged or exclusively dating this seems to be a topic of discussion. For some it does not matter but for others it can topic of every conversation. Some conversations go well and others create very challenging moments.

When engaging in discussions and listening to various perspectives it seems like a good idea to just balance the scales. For example, if you go to your family's for Thanksgiving, maybe going to your significant others for the next holiday is fair. If on the last holiday you hosted, maybe it is fair to say another family member host this holiday. Perhaps, if you are newlyweds you make your rounds if each side of the family is local. There may not be one way to make everyone involved completely happy but it is most important that parties involved communicate to decide on what the plan will be for that holiday in question. Finally, it is perfectly alright to create your own tradition!

Grab the passport and get away, travel to a beach, invite family to your home, or just do relax. The holidays tend to add a lot of tension to people and/ or relationships. Some people really struggle during the holidays and for valid reasons. It gets so bad for some that they began to get anxiety before the day arrives.

It could be families meeting for the first time, that one family member who has no filter is likely to show up, or that tragedy struck the family this year and now there is an empty space because a family member is no longer alive to share in the special time. Those are just a few of many reasons for mixed emotions during special times of the year. Anxiety could also be an onset when traveling near or far. But keep life in perspective!

We can't live in fear and we surely can't stop life from happening around us. Understanding that each day is a day to be thankful for all the blessings is key. Thankfully, Thanksgiving is over...but let us be forever grateful in season and out!

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