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More than a Father

Happy Father's Day!

Well, the day is almost over. Did you feel the love? Today, I want to explore that Father's truly carry a load because the title alone is loaded. I mean...let me start by saying this is from my perspective. I am not here for debate, simply my perspective/view point if you will.

As a girl growing up, I saw a man that represented many things. First, I learned what it meant to believe in God. I never could see this man we would pray to before meals or who I would talk to before I closed my eyes for bed but I was taught early to believe in a power stronger than I. May favorite was: "Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.( I would especially like the this part...)

God Bless: Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Betty, Uncle Sunny...and my list would go on! I wanted people I loved to be blessed and taken care of. I was taught that!

I also remember my dad would talk about his days in college, and to this day he has fond memories of those days. He has shared how much he learned, where he learned, and how he was an athlete. It was hard to believe , at my tender age, that this super-hero type of man was all those things. He is a well-rounded man to this day. He has always been more than just a title. Which leads me to say, More than a father...

Perhaps, you don't have a relationship with your dad and you only know of male role models or figures who stepped in. Did you notice a difference? Are you glad they could add to your life? Hopefully, if you do not have a relationship with your biological father, you are still be able to do that before it is too late. Pause: My thoughts and prayers are with those who have a father in Heaven or do not have a relationship with their known father.

Listen, the way society has bred most men/ fathers is to be a sole provider and leader of the household. A friend and I were discussing this in-part a few days ago even as it relates to a husband. There is more than just providing in the physical. I think the dictionary definition of a father, not to be quoted, is man who helps conceive a child. It is a pretty basic term, regardless of what it truly says. Can you be more than basic?

Most fathers are providers, husbands, co-laborers, supporters, coaches, first teachers, companions, friends, grill-masters, caregivers, believers of God and so much more. A lady told me at church you can always find a seat of Father's Day, people just don't celebrate dads like moms. (paraphrasing here) Shocked, I went on to indeed find a seat as I arrived late. (Judge yourself!) lol

Hold Up! I just want to take out the time to thank my future man of GOD, husband, partner, lover, best friend, father to our children, provider, comedian, Kingdom builder, business partner, travel buddy, listener, rock, homie, and so much more a Happy Father's Day! (Still Single...thanking God is advance.) I don't take the term lightly because I know that I have seen several men be more than just a father. Mine is and has been just that..

He was intentional with us as we were growing up. He made sure he set the tone for our family by determining how we should conduct ourselves, respect each other, honor God, govern our finances, earn a living, and so much more. He taught us to dream big, dream beyond what you can see. I tell people all the time, my parents are very important to me because of all they instilled in me and the way the guided me. (I have NO REGRETS!) He made us, and still makes us laugh! He has always demonstrated his love for my mother, because he is more than a father he is a husband to the wife of his child.

If you are a father or hope to one day be one, consider the legacy that you are leaving for your children. What will they be able to say you contributed to their lives? Yes, they need tangible things like food, shelter, clothing, etc. Greater still, they need a man who will show up for them, support them, guide them, correct them, pray for them, and so much more. Being a father is about being PRESENT! Anyone can be honored by your name being placed on your child's/ children's birth certificate but the greatest honor is who your child knows you to be in their life. Are you more than a father?

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