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There is HOPE!

If you feel left out, things seem like they will never improve, you spend days in solitude, you ignore calls, you forsake fellowship, leaving the bed is a struggle, or have you limited yourself to working from home only you may be suffering. Regardless, what issue you may be having just know you are not alone as you may often feel. Many people suffer in silence, this is dangerous.

Whether it is depression, anxiety, or some other struggle that has invaded your life and caused you to feel unlike yourself help is available to you. People often are told, seek God! Seeking God or a higher power depending on your belief is vital. Understanding, we do not exist by our own power gives us hope that there is a power greater than us that can help us. You can pray, meditate, talk to a friend, confide in a family member but most importantly do NOT give up! One factor that is often overlooked is seeking professional help.

There are resources that are available to support those who struggle. If you were to fall and sprain your ankle very badly, you would eventually seek professional help. In the same way, if you find yourself short tempered, emotionally imbalanced, feeling less motivated, constant low energy, more sad than happy, or anything out of sorts that is causing daily activities to be hindered you may be experiencing some form of mental illness. Just like any other illness, there are various ways to treat your issue(s)or illness.

I recently posted on social media that there is help beyond the altar. This phrase is directly intended to help everyone understand while praying about our issues is effective, and for many the best way to solve our issues, we cannot neglect the idea that professionals have the fortitude and knowledge to assist us through our struggles. Please see the links provided if you are feeling a sense of hopelessness! There is HOPE and it does NOT have to end like this!

Understand that the world needs you, and there is an assignment that you must complete before you depart the earth. Do not forsake the counsel of a professional along with spiritual counseling. One is not to be preferred over the other, do what works best for YOU! But please do not give up! Fight on! Pray on! Live on! The world is better because you are here!


Suicide Hotline

National Alliance on Mental Health

National Institute of Mental Health

** Understand that all disclosed is suggested, Watching Dreams Unfold is not a licensed professional and advise all to seek professional consultation for further support.**

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