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She was shot first!

This story line is getting pretty old. There are not a lot of words one can say to convince me that more needs to be done to address mental health issues and bullying at school. There seems to be a disconnect in schools between addressing social-emotional needs and academic performance. Though, I am not for fact relinquishing the idea that mental health and bullying may be related to this incident it could very well be a cause. The article below is primarily related to the recent shooting that occurred in Santa Fe, TX.

According to this article the active shooter knew this victim. There are times when we hear that the active shooter did not know anyone, they just chose a place to actively take as their target. This is starting to be beyond out of hand. The article is reporting a young lady was the first one shot.

The background details suggest she was the one who had denied the shooter the right to keep pursuing her. She did not appreciate his advances and was reportedly not interested in dating him. Reportedly, it seems like the young lady had no interest in the guy (shooter) and he did not take the rejection well.

Osborne (2018), the shooter seemingly had been dressing very unusual as well as saying alarming things. The issue is that perhaps, this student had some issues that failed to be addressed. It is horrifying to know that several were killed, seemingly behind the idea of being not wanted romantically by another student. Though the investigation is still pending and no official motive has been released, she was shot first is alarming because it seems she very well could have been a target and did not even know it.

The narratives of these school shooting are grossly taking our world by storm. Reform is needed, along with continued prayers. The school has served as a beacon of hope and safety in communities across the world, now it serves as a place of unrest and calamity .

Let us continue to pray! May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Though we are not licensed professionals we encourage our subscribers and friends, if you see a change in your behavior or those you know get help. If you know someone who is in need of help support them and direct them to the proper resources so they can get the help needed. ( See below link for resource for help.)

There is so much more that could be said, but there is so much more that needs to be done! Until then, hug your love ones tighter and live your best life! Life is worth the living!


Mental Health Awareness #noshame

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