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Celebrating Mothers!

Happy Mother's Day to All the Mothers!!!

We hope each mother enjoys/enjoyed their special day! Mothers serve the world in myriad of ways, so it is not unusual that we would spend time recognizing mothers. Mothers have a special touch, language, laugh, and overall unique voice that they give to the world. Mamas in many cases are a child's first cheerleader, chef, primary caregiver, and so much more. Mine has been my number one cheerleader for sure! Whether you call her Mommy, Mama, Mom, or Mother she is yours! Love on her today and always!

Today, we want to lift up another side of this holiday. It has recently been placed on my heart to bring light to a matter that society seems to address so little. We all understand that though celebrating mothers is a great idea, it can be a stressful holiday, just like many other holidays. Mother's Day can be harder for those who still mourn the death of their mother, child, or have yet to be able to conceive a child. We are truly keeping those affected in this very way in our thoughts and prayers. The holiday alone can stir up a lot of emotions even within families where relationships are strained or shattered between mothers.

For many, it is just a day to honor mothers and mother figures. Whether you plan to spend the day with your mom, those that call you mom, or one that is like a mother to you enjoy each moment. The one thing I often hear people say that miss their mom, is they wish they had more time to share with mom. Hopefully, each of you reading this will share or shared time with you special mother on this special day!

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