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Teacher Appreciation Week!!

Teachers Make are Awesome!

Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week!

Happy Friday!

Happy Almost End of the School Year! (for many)

Teachers really empower students and are not paid enough for the job we do in and every day. Whether you teach daily, on Sunday mornings, tutor, or any other form of instruction you are appreciated. We all may not be able to say we have taught, but we all can say we have been taught by a teacher. We did not learn all that we know on our own. We had someone there guiding us along the way. Though the week is over, our team hopes that your supervisor, parents, students, spouse, children, or anyone else in your life that knows how hard work as a teacher showed some form of appreciation. There was a sign that read, 'Workers work much harder when they feel appreciated.' Though many would argue, one should do their job regardless if you are appreciated or not, others would say kindness goes a long way! So, be kind to a teacher not just this week but every chance you get! Teaching is often an underrated profession and is not revered to the level as many other careers.

Many studies are actually showing that less undergraduate students are choosing education as a major. Let us be thankful for those who sacrifice their lives to teach others, often neglecting themselves for the sake of education. Some people teach some time in life, and some teach for a life-time! Cheers to all the educator! Keep inspiring the minds of others! If no one told you today, thank you and ...

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