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Let there be Light!

Just like a flower needs sunlight(light) to grow, so do we as humans. It is necessary to make our bodies available to receive the sunlight from the sun but it is also vital that those in our lives provide LIGHT!

Life is hard! Sometimes there are days when you feel like you are not sure if you can keep going. Then there are days when you feel so empowered and determined to take on anything that should come your way but the key is having light bearers around you.

Today, I was reminded how sometimes it only takes one's presence to evoke a change in the atmosphere around you. Who do you have around you? Do they have light rays beaming from them or is it consistently cloudy? This matters because in order to grow you must have LIGHT. It is also important that we provide light to others as well. We can't expect everyone to always have a good day or to always feel "lit." Therefore we must make efforts to beam light to others.

Let us not become too pre-consumed in our lives that we forsake an opportunity to be a light to others. May our words, deeds, and presence provide light to those we encounter today. Let your light shine, and if you are struggling to shine get in the company of those light bearers so you can be awakened to shine again.

Light will grow you in areas that you can't even imagine. You eyes can be opened if you just seek more light (positive vibes.) Your light is important, don't hide it! May your source help you shine. We need LIGHT in a dark and dying world! Seek the Light, so you can be a LIGHT!

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