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Armed with Rocks!

Just cast a stone! Well, there have been several accounts recorded in history when people were stoned for one reason or another. There has been an uprising on mass-shootings, but more specifically school shootings where an intruder attacks the lives and livelihood of innocent students and faculty in a school building. This has become a major issue. The issue has become so extreme that legislations that if approved could grant teachers the right to carry/bear arms in a classroom. This is hideous in my regards, again my regards, because as an educator my training did not include firearm.

Firearm training is the last thing I would ever imagine I would need to have as in my "highly qualified/highly certified" pocket if you will. The mere thought is overwhelming. I digress to say a superintendent in Pennsylvania has suggested allowing classrooms to be armed with rocks. Yes, you read that correctly! The rocks would be stored and thrown in the event an intruder should make it into a classroom.

Where do you stand on this matter? (Rhetorical) Well, I can understand a seemingly less violent/ risky approach but it doesn't seem like it would be effective. I am just imagining a teacher in the middle of a lesson and an armed intruder rushes in, do we just jump up to get the rock gallon? Do we have the rock pouch on the side of students' desk so they can readily grab them? What about the daily safety of the classroom?

As with anything, there are risk involved. One risk with rocks is that children are immature at times. How we know these rocks will not end up being tossed at a teacher because a student gets upset with them? As you may gather, I have several questions regarding these rocks.

I honestly, do not approve of this method. Though, many children would have good aim and this could work in an ideal "perfect" world, I am not sure this is the direction we should be going. I am also not sure arming teachers with firearms is a move in the right direction but I am sure that something needs to be done to help protect schools from armed intruders.

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