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V-Day or Valentine's Day

Let the Love flow! Let us face the music...Valentine's Day is upon us! Many singles do not look forward to this day, but there are also some in "relationships" or situation-ships who don't look forward to it as well. The fact remains, there is pink and red in all stores on all shelves! People are making plans, getting outfits together, securing flight details and preparing for this day! Then there are those who don't have any plans, and have no clue what the day will be like.

We may not like it but to many it is a big deal! It is like a the real deal maker or breaker! It is what it is, you either love someone or you don't! We should all just choose to spread love regardless but everyone needs LOVE! You don't have to be "official" to show someone you love them or care. Life is too short to waste energy to not share love any day of the year.

Ladies, does it matter if he says Happy V-Day or Valentine's Day? I would venture to say it just depends on the woman, and I will leave my opinion on this matter out. Saying, I love you is a great start for any one and hopefully if you say it, you truly mean it.

Hope your Valentine's Day is memorable and well spent! Take care of self, spread love, and be full of love!

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