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The Shortest Month

February, How Did We Get Here ?

Well, we have officially come to the last day of the month. It seems like we just said, "Happy New Year!" People have seemingly been celebrating all month. From Fat Tuesday to Ash Wednesday (Valentine's Day). Valentine's Day, who celebrates that day?? Lol, don't mind me! Anyway, it has also been Black History Month and we had the honor of celebrating our excellence with the Black Panther movie. This is also the shortest month, so if you had a goal list for the month you had a few less days to achieve them.

Valentine's Day: Did you enjoy? What did you do? However, you spent this day it is just a pure blessing to have been able to see it. Love should be spread daily, because you never know when the one you love will no longer be present on earth to receive the love you have to give!

Black History Month/Black Panther Movie: Thanks to Carter G. Woodson we have a month to embrace our heritage. BLACK EXCELLENCE ALL DAY Everyday! What a great asset to the month to have this movie debut in the month of Black History! This movie is a must! I know several who have seen the movie more than twice. I will spare a movie review, go see it and take a friend with you!

New Partners in Education:There has been talk about arming teachers...what is the world really coming to?? When I began my career as an educator I never imagined I would have to prepare for an intruder, now you want me to prepare to defend myself with an intruder. Education has drastically changed, and I can't begin to feel like it is for the better. How would giving teachers, who trained for years to teach, fair with guns in the classrooms??? Doesn't make sense to me. I digress...for those who pray, I say let us just pray but also take some actions because this may be the wrong direction.

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