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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! For many people celebrating their birthday is a pretty big deal. For others it is not nearly as important and they tend to treat it as if it were any other day on the calendar. Well, the choice it totally up to the individual. There are also religious organizations that choose to not celebrate birthdays. It is really a choice for many, this post is based on the opinion, not to encourage one to choose to celebrate or not. There are indeed two sides to every story, but what side are you on?

Celebrating birthdays for many is a way to celebrate a new chapter in their life. I mean, after all when you go to so many funerals or experience so much sadness it just feels good to celebrate. Some will go all out, spend thousands of dollars and others may just want to be surrounded by close friends and family. Some that choose to celebrate may choose to make a wish list, and others may just wish for more years of life to share with love ones. Life is short, so if it makes you feel good CELEBRATE!

Life is for the living! It is too often that people leave this earth unhappy or feeling unfulfilled. No, celebrating a birthday will not fulfill your purpose for life but why not celebrate the fact that you made it another year. There are many ways to celebrate that does require a "turn-up" or "cashing-out." The choice is up to your budget and/or beliefs.

Facebook has started a new platform that allows users to raise money for a special cause on their birthday. Some people choose to celebrate by serving others. Some like to invite friends to dinner or some sort of social gathering. I have a friend that invited her birthday crew to work-out with her to celebrate the life changes she was making. I thought that was a really cool idea because it was free and healthy alternative. It probably provided a lot of freedom to her guest because the only request (no gift) was that the crew attend. It was a party on the gym/dance floor.

It really doesn't matter what a person chooses to do! CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY! Choose to celebrate those who celebrate you! Choose life1 Choose to be a positive light to those who may be walking in darkness. Choose to love and not hate.! Let no one discourage you from doing what makes you happy or feel great, we all have choices. You choose what works best for you because that is what others do! You don't have to feel guilty for living your life, your way! Those that love you will support you and celebrate with you in the manner in which you choose. Happy Birthday anyway! Celebrate life daily!

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