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Get in the Holiday Spirit!


Tis' the Season to be jolly... or not! For many this time of year brings about such joy and for others it can bring about anxiety they would rather do without. Some are excited about gift giving, party hopping, making fun memories with those they love, while others are burdened by grief, low bank accounts, new status, or illness. Let me say this is not up for debate, and these are simply my thoughts that I am sharing. I realize some do not even celebrate Christmas, but for those who do here is a thought or two for you.

This time of year can be a bit much for the average person, even if they are perfectly healthy, wealthy, or in love this time of year. Some people get really caught up in the whole business of Christmas verses the Celebration of the birth of Christ. Some do both and in this world we do as we choose.

It can be overwhelming to think of all the happiness of the season can bring but also all the sadness it can bring for others as well. Perhaps for someone this is their first Christmas: without a: friend, family member, or pet; This time of year can also be hard for one who is new the country, single, recently divorced or struggling financial. In short, it is just not a good idea to not take it personal if people can't seem to "Get in the Holiday Spirit!" In reality some people are choosing to NOT be in the "Holiday Spirit."

For those who may welcome a little help, here are a few suggestions for how you can help them or how you can help yourself feel more festive...

Suggestions to help:

* Be present- share time with friends who don't really seem to be in the "spirit."

* Create new memories-perhaps make cookies for co-workers, take on a service project, or take a trip

* Spend time with loved ones-even if you have experienced a loss, cling to those loved ones that are still around

* Write Christmas cards-whether hand written or digital, a personal touch can go a long way and this can be inexpensive.

* Prepare for a "New Year and a New You"-if this year has not been all you hoped for, take on the idea of planning for 2018.

*Serve or give to others-get a group of friends together to do a service project or give to family in need.

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